Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dove dark chocolates have advice

[16:46] jbadge24: be a little naughty with your nice
[16:46] Dawn: dove is lucky i don't slap it across the face
[16:46] jbadge24: haha
[16:46] jbadge24: dove tried to reach into my pants on the first date
[16:47] jbadge24: i was like whoa dove
[16:47] jbadge24: can we get our meal first?
[16:47] Dawn: haha
[16:51] Dawn: dove is a dirty whore with a filthy mouth
[16:51] jbadge24: yeah
[16:51] jbadge24: i imagine this chick who's like very pretty
[16:52] Dawn: me too!
[16:52] jbadge24: and she's saying really sweet things
[16:52] jbadge24: but then like, her black hair gets frazzled and like
[16:52] jbadge24: she tries to rape you
[16:52] jbadge24: or like gets you to drink absinthe and dispose of a body
[16:52] Dawn: ok, not the way i was going
[16:52] jbadge24: like, the tyler durden of candy chocolates
[16:53] jbadge24: she'll hug your mother the first time she meets her
[16:53] jbadge24: but then, she have you tied to the bed dumping pig blood on you
[16:53] jbadge24: Dove: put a little naughty in your nice
[16:53] jbadge24: Dove: make a list of your dreams
[16:54] Dawn: Dove: Smile before bed, it makes you sleep better
[16:54] jbadge24: Dove: get the fucking ground you sniveling little shit, mommy's gonna have her way

Friday, October 14, 2011

Would you rather?

[09:45] Dawn: yay! danny's getting married in columbus!
[09:45] jbadge24: oh cool
[09:45] Dawn: i feel like that will be a fun wedding
[09:45] jbadge24: i'm gonna show up less than sober
[09:45] Dawn: i mean, i'm probably not invited, but...
[09:45] Dawn: for sure!
[09:46] jbadge24: i'm not invited i'm sure of it
[09:46] jbadge24: i told him she would be an ugly bride
[09:46] jbadge24: i don't think he liked that
[09:46] Dawn: that's weird
[09:46] jbadge24: yeah?
[09:46] Dawn: he's usually pretty cool
[09:47] jbadge24: i said, i would probably rather eat dogshit than see her walk down the aisle
[09:47] Dawn: but you said probably, so maybe you'll still get the invite
[09:47] jbadge24: i only say probably because if it were a three part choice and my own puke was involved, i'd rather eat that instead of dogshit so i didn't have to see her give her voews

Monday, August 8, 2011

I was funny today

this little dragon album is really sexy
it's like black lingerie right now
for my ears
it's like dinner and a movie
for my ears
it's calling me the day after and being really nice to my little brother
for my ears
leaving roses on my doorstep, and then some at work, and then surprising me after work with more, and then dinner and a movie again
for my ears
it's taking me for a weekend up to the lake and kissing me softly in the moonlight
for my ears
it's buying me new skis and taking me to durango
for my ears
when my grandma died he came to the funeral
for my ears
after a hard day of work this album gives me a back massage with hot oils
for my ears
it's kissing me behind my ears
for my ears

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I loooove her sneezes

Jacobson: it's official
Jacobson: i enjoy katie's adorable sneezes more than jackie's out of no where laughter
jbadge24: yes
jbadge24: omg
Jacobson: that is our secret
jbadge24: it's like i didn't even know to think about it like that
jbadge24: her sneezes are sooo cute
Jacobson: exactly
jbadge24: i love it when she sneezes
jbadge24: i don't even think it would get old to me if she had a cold
jbadge24: or if it happened on regular intervals
Jacobson: her sneezes are like someone bringing in an adorable puppy to the office
Jacobson: just pleasant
jbadge24: i would still find it excruciatingly adorable
Jacobson: i know
jbadge24: i wish i could fall asleep listening to it
jbadge24: every night
jbadge24: just right there
Jacobson: aaaaa-chooooo
jbadge24: sneezing with courage to face the night like a small child with the night light on
Jacobson: badge
jbadge24: i wish it came as a blanket
jbadge24: i would wrap myself in her sneezes
jbadge24: on a cold day
jbadge24: it would be meg ryan, popcorn, and the comforting warmth of her sneezes
jbadge24: the first time i heard it
jbadge24: it was like i had lived my whole life without shoes
jbadge24: her sneezes became the soles of my feet
jbadge24: i felt like i could go anywhere now

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phil TV Review

Don Marquis and Michael Tooley

I didn't think that Marquis was quite on top of how the examples were supposed to put pressure on his view. Though, it seemed like he doesn't have a very full view.

Marquis' response to the "extensive amputation" case -- a human's high brain is transplanted into another body and the body from which it is removed dies -- is really unsatisfying. He does admit to just respecting street intuition but it's ad hoc and I'd like to hear a good response to it. I'd like to hear something substantial.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Republicans Saving Money

By selling the pillars at the statehouse!!!! Yippee. What you can't see is the tool that construction worker is using. He's got a big saw up there and he's cutting a groove near the top. It looked like he was going to remove the pillar, in my mind.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Labor Market Eventualities

"Now, I am leaning closer to my father's view. I think that a lot of structural changes are taking place that are driving the marginal product of many workers well below their opportunity cost. Their lost output is not missed terribly much, because productivity is doing so well elsewhere."
The Hobgoblin of Simple Minds, by Arnold Kling, Econlog

I have been thinking about this for a long time now. What do we do with so many people who cannot be efficient in the market place? Again, when manufacturing becomes as is predicted, cheap and incredible (here), how will most humans be useful?